Serco DLR contract renewed

Serco Docklands Ltd are to operate the Docklands Light Railway for an extra 18 months after signing an extension to their contract with Transport for London. This means Serco will operate the network until September 2014.

Serco will continue to be responsible for the operation of DLR train services, maintenance of the network (with the exception of the Lewisham, Woolwich and Stratford International extensions which have separate maintainers) and maintenance of the DLR rolling stock. They have operated the DLR since 1997 with the last contract being awarded in 2006 and it is this contract which is being extended.

Jonathan Fox, DLR Director, said: “I am pleased to announce the extension of this  contract and the continuation of a successful working partnership that has seen the DLR expand its network, increase its capacity by 50 per cent and successfully meet the challenge of the Olympics, when the network carried more than 100 per cent more customers than normal.”

David Stretch, Managing Director of Serco Docklands, added: “We are extremely proud to have been awarded an extension to the Docklands contract. Serco has proved itself a trusted partner to Transport for London over 15 years, consistently improving service reliability on the DLR and achieving its best ever reliability in 2012. We look forward to another 18 months in which to deliver award-winning DLR services for London’s travelling

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