September Review – Crich: No. 15 – Inside the depots

Over the winter of 2017/18 major work was undertaken on the depots at Crich which saw them improved to conserve the trams better in the future. This resulted in a very different view with internal walls included for the first time. Today we take a peek inside the depots at trams, well mostly anyway.

A selection of stored trams, all waiting for their chance to head through the workshops once more. On the right is Southampton 45 with Blackpool 49 behind with London Transport 1622 in the centre and Sheffield Works 330 complete the scene.

The newest acquisition to the collection is not a tram at all but a bus! Barnsley & District no. 5 seeks to show what came along to replace the trams and after a fundraising campaign it was fully secured for Crich and will now be fully displayed to show just why it is there! In this photo we see the bus along with Gateshead 5 and New York 3rd Avenue 674.

In this view we see two of the operational trams at rest in the depot: Glasgow 22 and Leeds 180. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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