Mayor orders feasibility study into Tramlink extension to Sutton

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has ordered Transport for London to undertake a feasibility study into extending the London Tramlink system to Sutton as part of his possible plans to extend the popular network.

A recent report in the Croydon Guardian says that as result representatives from TfL walked along the proposed route of the extension which could see Sutton town centre linked with St Helier Hospital and possibly Mitcham or Wimbledon. Although Sutton is being looked at as being a potential extension for Tramlink it is believed that the Mayor still believes that the top priority would be an extension to Crystal Palace with Bromley also being looked into.

Although this feasibility study has now been ordered that is by no means a guarantee that the extension would be constructed at any time in the immediate future but at least it does show that the Mayor is considering the future of Tramlink. Whether it turns out to be just a bit of politics remains to be seen.

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