Beamish photo charter confirmed

A very special event for photographers is set to take place at Beamish, the Living Museum of the North, on Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd November featuring two very special trams. The event will predictably feature Blackpool Coronation car 304 which has recently arrived on loan from the Lancastrian Transport Trust, as well as Gateshead 10 in its current, temporary guise as Grimsby & Immingham 26.

The first, and most exciting photo shoot of the weekend is planned for the evening of Friday 2nd November and should feature both 26 and 304 being posed seperately in the Town area at the Museum, along with some other road traffic to create a superb period atmosphere. Two further shoots are also planned for Saturday 3rd November: a morning event featuring the same two trams, and then a shorter evening session with just Grimsby & Immingham 26, which will be posed at Pockerley, recreating a typical rural scene, as would have been possible during this tram’s twilight years of service before entering preservation.

With 304 only staying at Beamish for a short visit – it’s expected to return to the Fylde coast before the end of the year – and 26 to be repainted back into its earlier Gateshead livery ahead of next year’s Beamish tramway 40th anniversary celebrations, this will present some unrepeatable photographic opportunities and is sure to be very popular.

The photo charter has been organised at relatively short notice by the East Midlands Railway Photographic Society in association with David Williams, who have previously arranged some excellent photography events at Beamish, Crich and Heaton Park. Anyone wishing to find out more about any or all of the events mentioned above is advised to contact David Umpleby – or Jason Cross – – to reserve a place.

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