In Pictures: A busy Horse Tram Day at Crich

The latest chance to enjoy a horse tram ride on the British mainland was on Tuesday 22nd August with Joseph again visiting Crich to pull Sheffield 15 between Town End and the Depot crossover. The day saw six different trams carry passengers – including the normal usage of Berlin 223 006-4 – not bad going for midweek! We are grateful to Hazel Quarmby for providing the following photos.

The last Horse Tram Day for 2017 at Crich will be on Thursday 31st August.

In our first image of the day Sheffield 15 and Joseph prepare to move forward to Town End terminus where they will reverse and head to the horse tram stop where eager passengers are waiting for a trip. Also in this view Blackpool Jubilee 762 waits as Leeds 399 heads north.

Blackpool 40 came out of the depot from around 1430 as an extra tram to help cater for the number of visitors. We also see 399 again in this photo whilst London County Council 106 is on a northbound journey.

Joseph and 15 at Town End terminus. Once again Leeds 399 gets in on the act as well.

The contrast between Blackpool 762 and Sheffield 15 is all too clear to see!

Access Tram Berlin 223 006-4 alongside Sheffield 15 as passengers board the horse car. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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  1. Kevin says:

    Why the weekday Horse days? It’s very frustrating!

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