Beamish Museum confirm April 2013 tram event

Following a few hints and a healthy dose of speculation, Paul Jarman, the Keeper of Transport at Beamish Museum, has finally confirmed that a big tram event will be staged at the open-air museum in April 2013. This will be held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of tram operation at Beamish, and has been given the imaginative working title ‘Our Friends – Electric’.

As the first tram ever to carry passengers at the museum, Gateshead 10 is expected to play a major role in this event and will duly receive some workshop attention over the coming winter. This will see the tram restored to its original identity following a brief spell of operation as Grimsby & Immingham 26; however, in typical Beamish fashion, the tram will not be repainted exactly as it was before! Instead, the car will probably reappear in exact original condition minus its familiar roof advert boards, and should therefore look very different once again. The tram will later have these boards refitted and it is hoped that these will feature some more appropriate 1930s advertisements than those previously displayed.

10 will not be the only star of the event, and the Beamish Transport & Industry blog refers to ‘an exciting collection of visiting tramcars’, as well as some new publications and displays. It may only be September 2012 but the first major tram event of 2013 is already looming and looks set to be truly spectacular!

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