Picture in Time: Rigby Road Depot

We take another look through the doors of Rigby Road Depot in 1972 for this edition of Picture in Time with several trams visible including the former Standard Car 143 whilst it was an engineering vehicle.

This photo was taken in 1972 and is of the higher numbered road in Rigby Road Depot with the Electrical Compound at the back right of the image. On the left Boat Car 604 – with one piece windscreen – leads a row of Boat Cars with an unidentified OMO car in the middle (due to the date it will be one of first 5 of the class). Then on the right our attention turns towards cars with Railgrinder 752 bring up the rear. In front is one of the Engineering Cars converted from a withdrawn passenger tram, in this case it is no. 753 (only numbered into this series during 1972) which had started out life as Standard 143 – a identity it is in the process of being restored into now.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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  1. John Hibbert says:

    ….and lurking in the darkness to the right – top deck handrails and trolley just visible – is works car 754, now preserved as 31. It was regularly kept on that road when not in use.

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