Fresh paint for Sheffield 74

Not previously reported on British Trams Online is that Sheffield 74 is currently being treated to a complete exterior repaint in the workshop at Crich Tramway Village. The tram was already under attention to replace its mouldy top deck ceiling which had been damaged beyond repair by the damp conditions in the running sheds, and whilst it is in the works the tram is being given some extra TLC to ensure that it looks pristine when it returns to service.

This is in fact 74‘s first repaint since it joined the operational fleet at Crich in 1995 following an extensive restoration. Indeed, it had run every year since until 2016 when it was sidelined due to the aforementioned mould damage. With work to improve condition in the depots scheduled for winter 2017/18, hopefully this will prevent a repeat of the damage that afflicted this stunning tramcar and will protect its immaculate condition for many years to come.

With repainting now seemingly at a well advanced stage, 74 was joined in the workshop by Sheffield 15 – the only older tram on site at the museum from the Yorkshire city (although single-deck car 46 stored at Clay Cross is slightly older). Presumably 15 is being prepared for the next horse tram day at the museum as it can normally be found inside the Great Exhibition Hall.

Sheffield duo horse car 15 and electric car 74 seen at the front of the Crich workshop on 21st August, with 74's repaint progressing nicely. (Photo by Peter Bowler)

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