What’s New on British Trams Online? 22nd May 2022

This week’s photos feature Nottingham Express Transit:

Photos: Nottingham Express Transit – 2nd May 2022

There are also updates to the Crich Tramway Village (photo links), Edinburgh Trams (photo links), Manchester Metrolink (new advert and photo links), Nottingham Express Transit (photo links) and West Midlands Metro (photo links) Fleet Lists as well as the Manchester Metrolink Advert list (new advert and photo links) and Tram Loans List (John Bull to Welshpool and Llanfair Railway).

Earlier this year – March 2022 – saw Nottingham Express Transit’s 202 receive its first vinyl wrap advert when it was covered in a design to publicise the Consent Coalition campaign to end sexual violence. On 2nd May 2022 we see the tram and advert at The Forest as it heads off to Phoenix Park. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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