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In Pictures: Classic Transport Gathering at Crich

The Sunday and Monday of the August Bank Holiday weekend was met with fine and sunny weather at the Crich Tramway Village as their latest Classic Transport Gathering took place featuring visiting vehicles dating from pre-1979. On Sunday 25th August … Continue reading

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Picture in Time: Nottingham Express Transit 208

Another image coming from Nottingham for this week’s modern tram edition of Picture in Time.

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Southampton Tram Project Open Day cancelled

Unfortunately the planned open day at the Southampton Tram Project’s workshop in Southampton Docks has had to be cancelled. Due to take place on Saturday 14th September as part of a wider Heritage Fayre at West Quay the tram workshop … Continue reading

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Derailment leads to delays on Tramlink

Tram services on London Tramlink were delayed during the evening rush hour on Thursday 29th August after a reported derailment at Phipps Bridge. As with a previous derailment earlier in 2019 Transport for London’s official Twitter feed again described this … Continue reading

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First tram runs onto Birmingham Westside extension

We were doubtful on the timescale when it was announced the first tests on the Birmingham Westside extension would take place in August but that is exactly what has happened with Urbos3 28 making the first gauging test this week. … Continue reading

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Extra event for Heaton Park as Trans Lancs Rally cancelled

Sadly the annual Trans Lancs Rally which usually takes place on the first Sunday in September at Heaton Park has had to be cancelled this year because the parade ground in the park is not in a condition where it … Continue reading

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Trams in the works at Seaton

Obviously an important part of any tramway is the maintenance of the tram fleet and the Seaton Tramway in Devon is no different. Recently three trams have been – or are going – through the works at Riverside Depot with … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Doors opened to Rigby Road Depot

As part of the latest Gold weekend of heritage tram operation in Blackpool, Rigby Road Depot held an open day on Sunday 25th August allowing the public access beyond the gates to see the trams both not needed for service … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Always a tram in sight – Edinburgh style!

They always used to say that if you went to Blackpool there was always a tram in sight and recently that seems to have been the case in Edinburgh with an intensive tram service being operated for a number of … Continue reading

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Picture in Time: Blackpool Marton VAMBAC 11 & Blackpool Standard 159

Not only do we stay at the East Anglia Transport Museum this week but we also feature the same tram as we saw last week, although this time it is joined by a fellow Blackpool tram. The two trams in … Continue reading

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In Pictures: New adverts for two trams in Edinburgh

The ever changing scene of adverts being carried on trams in Edinburgh certainly keeps us in news with the latest new advertiser on the tramway being Spotify with both 262 and 267 being seen in identical designs, with different colours … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Trackwork moves to University

Its been a long haul but we are almost there with rail replacement works on Stagecoach Supertram with the final phase of 2019 now underway close to the stop at University, affecting both Blue and Yellow route services. The work … Continue reading

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Boy taken to hospital after getting trapped under tram on Blackpool Prom

A 14 year old boy has been taken to hospital after he became trapped under a tram near Waterloo Road on Blackpool Promenade during the Ride the Lights event on Tuesday 27th August at approximately 2150. The boy became trapped … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Blackpool 001 receives Merlin attractions advert

It has long been a tradition in Blackpool that the various attractions in the town advertise on the trams but since the introduction of the new modern trams the only full advert liveries have been for a shopping centre (twice!), … Continue reading

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In Pictures: West Midlands Metro blue extended to non-battery trams

With all trams fitted with batteries now either in the full West Midlands Metro livery of special advert liveries the new fleet livery is now being extended to those trams which haven’t yet received the batteries on their roofs. The … Continue reading

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Picture in Time: Blackpool Belle 731 and Warship 736

This week as we return to Blackpool for some another archive image we are in the 1970s for a view of two stabled illuminated trams.

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Metrolink performance down in latest figures

The latest four week period of performance figures on Manchester Metrolink are in and it hasn’t been such a good month for the network with a fall in both punctuality and reliability although it still remains a mostly positive story … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Livery variations on West Midlands Metro

The past few months hasseen West Midlands Metro showing a good variety of different livery styles on the 21 strong class, with advert liveries, new fleet livery and a special livery all in evidence. Before it started to get quite … Continue reading

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In Pictures: More from the Old Hillsborough Tram Depot

We once again head to Holme Lane in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield for another look at the location of the old Hillsborough tram depot, this time heading more into the complex which now houses two doctors practices, as well … Continue reading

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Around the World in Trams: Prague 9051

We stay in the Czech Republic for this week’s worldwide tram image with another view from Prague.

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