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Shadow running underway on Tram-Train pilot

Full shadow running of the UK Tram-Train pilot between Sheffield and Rotherham has now commenced, bringing the start of services ever closer (hopefully!) As on all new lines the standard service due to operate is being operated without passengers to iron out any issues which may be experienced once the public are let loose. This stage is likely to last several weeks and will then be followed by an official start of services – understandably, given the high profile issues with the introduction of the pilot, there has been no public mention of just when the service may start.

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In Pictures: Another look at Ipswich Transport Museum

The Ipswich Transport Museum is the home to two trams – one electric tram from the city’s tram system and a horse car from Cambridge. We have featured both trams extensively over the past year or so and here again we see the duo including the latest progress on the cosmetic restoration of the Cambridge Street Tramways horse tram.

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In Pictures: Summerlee Tramway in action

In this article we take a quick look at the trams of Summerlee with images taken during a visit on Saturday 15th September. On this day most services were in the hands of the open topper Lanarkshire 53 with Dusseldorf 392 also out of the shed. To complete the picture we also see Glasgow 1017, not in use, but stabled at the very front of the depot. Photos courtesy of Trevor Hall.

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In Pictures: The old Birmingham Snow Hill terminus

On Saturday 24th October 2015 the last Midland Metro (as it was then called) services ran into the original Birmingham Snow Hill terminus with the city centre extension soon connected and trams finally running into the city centre. The closure of the stop would also allow a fourth platform to be used by national rail services through Snow Hill. Fast forward almost three years and what has changed at Snow Hill? Well, not a lot if these photos from Ken Jones are anything to go by!

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Picture in Time: Seaton Tramway 7

Today we are off to Devon for our latest delve into the archives – the photo features the only tram still at Seaton withdrawn from service, no. 7.

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Metrolink performance increases

The latest set of performance figures from Manchester Metrolink have shown an increase in both punctuality and reliability. In the case of punctuality it is the highest figure since these states started to be released at the start of the year whilst reliability is also up although not quick at its highest level.

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Some Supertram fares to rise from 30th September

There will be some minor changes to fares on Stagecoach Supertram from Sunday 30th September. Not all fares will be affected and it will just be adult tickets which will see increases.

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Change of departure platform at Grand Central

From Monday 24th September works to connect the current West Midlands Metro line on Stephenson Street with the extension to Centenary Square and Edgbaston will see a change of platform for all services running to Wolverhampton St George’s. From this date – and until summer 2019 – all trams will both arrive and depart from the platform closest to New Street station.

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Storm Ali makes its mark

Storm season is upon us with Storm Ali causing major disruption across the northern part of the British Isles including service suspension on tramways in Dublin and on the Isle of Man.

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Picture in Time: Nottingham Express Transit 208

Today’s edition of Picture in Time is back in Nottingham for another view taken in the early days of the new tram system.

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This week on British Trams Online

As you can tell from just below this article the start of our coverage from the 125th Anniversary of the Manx Electric Railway events is now online. In this update we cover the first four days of events – huge thanks to David Mee for sending photos enabling us to do this as it was mainly before yours truly arrived!

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Event Review: Ratchet Car 14 returns to service as Crossbench cars enter stage right

The 125th Anniversary of the Manx Electric Railway celebrations continued at the start of the working week with the big highlight being the official launch into service of Ratchet Car 14 after its high quality paid staff and volunteer restoration at Derby Castle sheds. As we continue our review of the week we take a look at days three and four where 14’s relaunch led to a period in sun for the four operational Crossbench cars.

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Event Review: MER 125 gets off to a soggy start

Opening in 1893 between Douglas and Groudle, the Manx Electric Railway celebrated its 125th anniversary with a week long special event at the start of September – and what an event it was! Trams returning to service, cavalcades, intensive services, special tours and behind the scenes tours were all put on in what was one of the best transport events on the Isle of Man in recent years. In this first part of our review of the events we take a look at the first weekend, a weekend which, unfortunately, saw the arrival of heavy rain.

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Full service resumes on Supertram – early!

It’s not often we report on engineering works finishing early, but that is exactly what has happened in Sheffield with a full service on the Blue route resuming on Sunday 16th September – a full five days ahead of schedule! This was Area 5 of the 2018 rail replacement works with Eckington Way seeing new track put into place. No further works are scheduled to take place this year with a full service on the Blue, Purple and Yellow routes to run throughout the year. And of course, later this year they will be joined by the all new Tram-Train service between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate – once testing and driver training is completed.

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In Pictures: More on new advert for Edinburgh 271

Last week we reported on how Edinburgh Trams 271 had received a new advert – becoming the fourth tram of the four tram deal with Parabola’s Edinburgh Park development. As with a previous advert it isn’t solely about the development though as it also featured full height adverts for the campaign to seek views on what people want to see in Edinburgh in 2050. Further images of this new advert are available below with thanks to Roy Calderwood.

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In Pictures: Rainbow fades on Metrolink

With the annual Pride event now just a memory in Manchester the two trams which became Rainbow Trams – 3028 and 3071 – are back in standard fleet livery. However, not everything had been put back to how it was as on 3071 the side fleet numbers are still in the raised position although the end numbers are now in the standard place.

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In Preview: Blackpool Anniversary Spectacular

Just like London buses – or is that like Blackpool trams in days gone by?! – another tram special event is upon us with the annual Anniversary Spectacular due to take place on the Blackpool Tramway on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September. A firmly established event in the special events calendar now you know the drill by now – every heritage tram which can run will run at some point of the weekend with an intensive timetable and specials in operation whist there will be stored trams on display at Rigby Road Depot, depot tours (limited availability) and free bus tours around Blackpool. For full details read on…

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Picture in Time: Blackpool Jubilee 762

We are back in the early 1990s for our latest trip into the past with Blackpool Jubilee 762 the tram featured today.

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In Pictures: Blackpool Boat 606 in Maryland

It seems the best place to go if you want a ride on a Blackpool Boat car at the moment is the United States of America as following swiftly on from the use of 228 and 233 in San Francisco, 606 has now been in action. The tram was in service during the annual Trolley Festival at the National Capital Trolley Museum in Colesville, Maryland on Sunday 16th September. And Edward M Koehler Jr was there to capture these images which he has kindly sent on to us.

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In Pictures: Cherry Picker causes issues at Market Street

A cherry picker was carrying out maintenance work at the Debenham’s store in Manchester’s Market Street when it caused the pavement to partially collapse causing the footpath adjacent to the Metrolink line to be blocked on Monday 10th September. This led to Metrolink staff being stationed there to prevent pedestrians from encroaching into the path of any trams. Mark Shepherd with the photos.

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