What’s New on British Trams Online?

A main site update, on a Wednesday! Have we gone mad? Quite possibly but this week’s update is now online earlier than usual as we again head into the archives for some more photos:

Gallery 891: Picture in Time Special – Nottingham Express Transit June 2005

On top of that there are small updates to the Blackpool Tramway, Crich Tramway Village and Manchester Metrolink (photo links only) Fleet Lists as well as the Nottingham Express Transit Advert List (photo links only).

  • We have also recently updated the software that this News & Features page runs on to the latest version (we were running off a version which was new when we first started the blog for news – which is quite old!). If things have worked as we think they have it shouldn’t make any difference to how you view the News & Features page (you may notice one small change to the page but that shouldn’t be too intrusive and is a requirement), although if you login to leave a comment you may notice a different interface. The main change is in the background and I now have to get used to the change in how to write and upload articles! It will also enable us to keep the website running more smoothly and to add additional features if needed. Any issues with the new interface please do let us know.
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  1. Paul D says:

    On the news page, I can no longer see any comments – “There is the heading XX Responses to … … …” but then a big white space…

    Is it just me??

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