What’s New on British Trams Online? 19th June 2022

We head east to the East Anglia Transport Museum for this week’s set of photos:

Photos: East Anglia Transport Museum 50th Anniversary – 29th May 2022

There are also updates to the East Anglia Transport Museum (photo links), Edinburgh Trams (new advert and photo links), Manchester Metrolink (tram into service, revised advert), Volk’s Electric Railway (last operating dates and photo links) and West Midlands Metro (trams returned to service and photo links) Fleet Lists and the Edinburgh Trams (new advert and photo links) and Manchester Metrolink (revised advert) Advert Lists.

The latest advert to be added to a tram on Edinburgh Trams is a design for Tennent’s Light on 264. Replacing a previous design for Johnnie Walker’s #jointhepact campaign, the advert was first spotted during mid-June 2022 and we see it here on 17th June standing at Ingliston Park & Ride. (Photograph by blackpool_trams)

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