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Off to the Isle of Man for this week’s main site update:

Gallery 822: Isle of Man – July 2019

In addition there is an article on this period directly below this update and we have also updated the Crich, Heaton Park, Nottingham Express Transit, Summerlee and West Midlands Metro Fleet Lists.

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  1. Alan Kirkman says:

    Slight bit of partially duff gen there Gareth. I got a private tour of Dc with my old friend Ian Longworth ( we first met while originally purchasing 304) 29 is another joint restoration like 14 and with the intention of having 2 rachets for use on the UDE so almost guaranteeing one will be available. Operational fleet strengthening with further air braked crossbench motors is planned to enable a fully open turnout on suitable days etc and ease wear all round, hoice of cars to be so returned/ rebuilt will depend on body etc condition and wear and frankly original build spec not just current nominal equipment, and the condition of the 29-31 batch bodies etc is better than the Paddleboxes. SMR 1,2, 4 and 5 have been fitted with new magnetic brakes activated from a special battery and inverter supply for full safety etc.