What’s New on British Trams Online? 7th April 2024

The archives beckon again as we take a look at Supertram during the Stagecoach years after their contract comes to an end:

20 Photos of… Stagecoach Supertram

There are updates this week to the Blackpool Tramway (last operating dates and photo links), Crich Tramway Village (last operating dates), Edinburgh Trams (photo links), Long Marston (confirmation of scrapped tram), Manchester Metrolink (new advert and photo links), Manx Electric Railway (repaint and last operating dates), Seaton Tramway (last operating dates), Volk’s Electric Railway (last operating dates) and West Midlands Metro (tram movements and photo links) Fleet Lists as well as the Blackpool Tramway (photo links) and Manchester Metrolink (new advert and photo links) Advert Lists and the Manchester Metrolink T68 list.

The National Trust have recently taken out adverts on two tramways in the UK as part of their Blossom Watch campaign. With Manchester Metrolink also seeing one of their trams in a very similar advert, West Midlands Metro just led to the way when 44 received the bright vinyls during March. On 31st March 2024 the tram is at Pipers Row on the Wolverhampton Railway Station extension with a service heading to the Station. (Photograph by Simon Edwards)

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