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Blackpool Tramway

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention/Overhaul/Restoration, Stored/Withdrawn, On loan/under overhaul elsewhere, Not yet arrived

Flexity2 - "A" fleet

Built: 2010-2 (001-016) and 2017 (017 & 018) by Bombardier, Bautzen, Germany
Seats: 74 (plus room for 148 standing)
Motors: 4 x 120kW (160 hp) three phase AC traction motors
Power Conductor: Single Arm Pantograph
Depot: Starr Gate

No. Date Delivered Entered Service ODAS Fitted Livery Name Link
001 29th August 2011 4th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
002 16th December 2011 / 1st November 2012 5th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Alderman E.E. Wynne Photo
003 4th February 2012 12th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
004 17th November 2011 4th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
005 9th December 2011 6th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
006 2nd February 2012 4th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
007 17th February 2012 4th April 2012 No Purple & White Alan Whitbread Photo
008 2nd March 2012 4th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
009 8th March 2012 4th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
010 16th March 2012 5th April 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
011 23rd March 2012 4th April 2012 No Purple & White Photo
012 5th April 2012 26th April 2012 Yes Advert for Blackpool Pleasure Beach Photo
013 27th April 2012 18th May 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
014 11th May 2012 18th May 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
015 8th June 2012 29th June 2012 Yes Purple & White Photo
016 25th June 2012 3rd July 2012 Yes Advert for Coral Island Photo
017 1st December 2017 4th March 2018 Yes Purple & White Photo
018 15th December 2017 4th March 2018 No Purple & White Photo

These trams are being fitted with Obstacle Detection Avoidance System (ODAS) equipment which aims to help prevent collisions. Although trams have been fitted it has yet to be switched on.
002 originally arrived in Blackpool on 16th December 2011 and saw use on driver training before making its debut in service on 5th April 2012. However it was only used in passenger service once - although extensive use was made of the tram on Driver Training - before being returned to Bombardier at Bautzen on 12th May 2012 for some unspecified work to take place. Once this work was completed the tram was displayed at InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin during September 2012. It was finally returned to Blackpool on 1st November 2012.
003 was originally delivered to Derby for testing purposes before moving on to Blackpool. The date in the delivered column is the date it was delivered to Starr Gate Depot.

Modified Balloon Cars - "B" Fleet

Originally Built: 1934-5 by English Electric, Preston
Seats: 700, 713, 719 & 720 - 94 (54 upper/40 lower). 707, 709, 711, 718, 724 - 92 (52 upper/40 lower).
Motors: 2 x EE 305 type, 57h.p. (25Kw)
Trucks: EE 4ft 9ins. wheelbase
Controllers: 2 x EE Z6
Power Conductor: Diamond Pantograph
Depot: Rigby Road except for 700 which is at Starr Gate

No. Entered Service Livery Name Year Last Operated Link
700 February 1934 Green & Cream Sir Ken Dodd 2024 Photo
707 September 1934 Green & Cream 2023 Photo
709 October 1934 Advert for Sealife Centre 2013 Photo
711 October 1934 Purple & White Ray Roberts 2022 Photo
713 December 1934 White 2023 Photo
718 December 1934 Green & Cream 2023 Photo
719 February 1935 Purple & White Donna's Dream House 2019 Photo
720 February 1935 Advert for Walls Ice Cream 2011 Photo
724 February 1935 Advert for Lyndene Hotel 2013 Photo

All these trams have been modified to enable their operation on the upgraded tramway with the most obvious change being the widened centre entrances. The majority of their use in service has been on Heritage Tram Tours.
Only those trams which have been commissioned for service and moved to Starr Gate Depot are currently shown as operational above. In addition to 700 707, 711, 713, 718 & 719 have been operational in recent years.
707, 709, 718 and 724 were rebuilt in the last 1990s/early 2000s with flat fronts which are sometimes referred to as "Millenium Cars".

Heritage Trams - "C" Fleet

All heritage trams are usually based at Rigby Road Depot but currently Bolton 66, Brush 631 and Balloon 717 are based at Starr Gate Depot for use on heriatge tours.

Tram Originally Entered Service Livery Power Conductor Name Year Last Operated Link
Blackpool OMO 8 June 1974 Plum & Custard - 2010 Photo
Lytham 43 1924 Blue & White - 1937 (Lytham)
Has not run in preservation
Bolton 66 1901 Maroon & Cream Trolley 2024 Photo
Blackpool Standard 143 April 1924 Red, White & Teak - 2019 (briefly) Photo
Blackpool Standard 147 June 1924 Green & Cream Trolley 2021 Photo
Blackpool Boat 227 July 1934 Red & White Trolley Charlie Cairoli 2023 Photo
Blackpool Boat 230 August 1934 Green & Cream Trolley George Formby OBE 2016 Photo
Blackpool Brush 259 July 1937 Works Green - 2002 (Works)
1971 (Passenger)
Blackpool Twin Car 272+T2 September 1960 Cream Diamond Pantograph 2016 Photo
Blackpool Railcoach 279 July 1935 Green & Cream - 2004 Photo
Blackpool Coronation 304 June 1952 Cream & Green Trolley 2018 (Blackpool - testing only)
2014 (Blackpool - service)
2013 (Beamish)
Blackpool Boat 600 January 1934 Green & Cream Trolley Duchess of Cornwall 2023 Photo
Blackpool Brush 621 July 1937 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2023 Photo
Blackpool Brush 631 August 1937 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2024 Photo
Blackpool Brush 632 August 1937 Green & Cream - 2011 Photo
Blackpool Centenary 642 December 1986 Advert for Travelcard Diamond Pantograph 2021 Photo
Blackpool Centenary 648 January 1990 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2023 Photo
Blackpool Coronation 660 August 1953 Cream & Green Trolley 2011 (testing)
2010 (passenger service)
Blackpool Coronation 663 December 1953 Green & Cream - 1974 Photo
Blackpool Twin Car 675+685 March 1958 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2016 Photo
Blackpool Twin Car 676+686 March 1958 Green & Cream - 2004 Photo
Blackpool Ex-Towing Railcoach 680 December 1960 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2023 Photo
Blackpool Twin Trailer Car 681 November 1960 Green & Yellow - 2010 Photo
Blackpool Balloon 701 September 1934 Red & White Diamond Pantograph 2021 Photo
Blackpool Balloon 703 September 1934 Sunderland Red & White - 2015 (Beamish)
2009 (Blackpool)
Blackpool Balloon 704 September 1934 - - 2003 Photo
Blackpool Open Top Balloon 706 September 1934 Green & Cream Trolley Princess Alice 2015 Photo
Blackpool Balloon 710 October 1934 1934 Metro Coastlines Magenta & Yellow - 2007 Photo
Blackpool Balloon 715 January 1935 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2022 Photo
Blackpool Balloon 717 December 1934 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph Walter Luff 2024 Photo
Blackpool Balloon 723 January 1935 Green & Cream Diamond Pantograph 2023 Photo
Illuminated Rocket 732 September 1961 Green - 1999 Photo
Illuminated Western Train 733+734 September 1962 Red, Green & Yellow Diamond Pantograph 2023 Photo
Blackpool Hovertram 735 September 1963 White & Black - 2001 Photo
Illuminated Frigate 736 August 1965 White Diamond Pantograph HMS Blackpool 2024 Photo
Illuminated Trawler 737 August 2001 Blue, Red, Black & White Diamond Pantograph Cevic 2023 Photo
Blackpool Jubilee 761 July 1979 Advert for Wynsors World of Shoes - 2011 Photo
Glasgow 1016 1904 - - ?
Not run in preservation

The date last operated is at Blackpool unless stated otherwise.
Only trams which have been commissioned and moved to Starr Gate Depot for use on heritage tours (a maximum of five trams) are currently shown as operational.
Lytham 43 arrived at Rigby Road on 24th January 2016 with a view to further restoration work taking place once funding and workshop space becomes available. The tram only consists of the lower deck which has been restored by Robert Mortimer. This will be a long-term project.
Standard 143 was launched into service on 23rd September 2019 but suffered a motor fault during the launch. The motor has now been replaced and further testing took place during 2022.
Boat 230 requires a full rewire and overhaul to return it to service.
Twin Car 272+T2 suffered a fire in September 2016 and remains out of service.
Railcoach 279 returned to Rigby Road on 17th March 2022 for work to be completed by owners the Fylde Transport Trust on its restoration to original condition. It is hoped to return to service in due course.
Coronation 304 is due to receive attention to allow it to return to service. Owned by the Fylde Transport Trust the restoration will be completed with additional funding from the Fylde Tramway Society.
Coronation 663 returned to Blackpool on 24th August 2020 from Riley and Sons in Heywood. It had been there since late 2018 undergoing a full bogie overhaul. With this work now completed it has returned to Rigby Road awaiting further work to take place including a body overhaul and full rewire.
Twin Car 675+685 requires a full rewire ahead of a return to service.
Railcoach 680 is on loan from the Heaton Park Tramway, arriving in August 2015.
Twin Trailer 681 was acquired by Blackpool Transport in February 2016 arriving back at Rigby Road on 26th February 2016.
Balloon 703 arrived in Blackpool on 23rd March 2017 following almost 7 years at Beamish. It will require workshop attention before being considered for a return to service.
Work has now started on Balloon 704 which is to be restored to 1950s/1960s fully enclosed condition including roof windows. Ownership has been transferred to Iain Taylor who will be financing the cost of the work - including a fixed term contract member of the engineering team - but the tram will be on permanent loan to Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours.
Open Top Balloon 706 Princess Alice was withdrawn from service at the end of 2015 season and requires workshop attention before returning to service. It is the subject of a fundraising campaign by the Fylde Tramway Society.
Balloon 710 arrived back at Rigby Road on 8th February 2023 having been in outside storage at Wyre Dock. It is to be cosmetically restored to its late 1980s condition when it "killed" Alan Bradley in ITV soap opera Coronation Street.
Balloon 715 has been withdrawn from service following a farewell tour on 19th November 2022. It is now to go on static display as part of Tramtown.
Hovertram 735 returned to Blackpool on 22nd September 2016 initially on loan but now a permanent member of the Fylde Transport Trust collection.
Glasgow 1016 - or more specificially the parts of! - arrived at Rigby Road in December 2016. The eventual plan is that the tram will be restored to operational condition as open topper Paisley 16, although it remains a long-term project.

Engineering Vehicles

No. Into Service Livery Purpose Power Conductor Link
260 March 1973 Works Yellow Rail Crane Towed
750 1907 Yellow Reel Wagon Towed
754 August 1992 Yellow Overhead Line Car Trolley/Diesel Photo
938 ? Yellow Road/Rail Vehicle Diesel Engine Photo
939 August 2003 Yellow Road/Rail Vehicle Diesel Engine Photo
Crab February 2012 Yellow Shunter Battery Photo

All of these vehicles are based at Rigby Road Depot with the exception of the Crab which is based at Starr Gate Depot.

In Store

No. Arrived in Blackpool Livery Link
- 21st March 2018 Silver Photo

This Cityclass tram - now unnumbered but at one stage carrying the number 611 - returned to Blackpool on 21st March 2018 having been in open storage at Preston Docks. It is for eventual use on the Preston Trampower demonstration line when that is built. It has previously been in Blackpool for two stints of test operation (the second of which ended following a fire) and has also visited Birkenhead.

We are grateful to everyone who has provided information contained on this fleet list.

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