In Pictures: Overhead line works on West Midlands Metro

Back on Sunday 17th March there was a closure of the West Midlands Metro between Black Lake and Edgbaston Village with work taking place to replace overhead wires. The closure was initially only due to be in place until midday but a delay in the completion of the work saw this extended leading to a further suspension of services.

The overhead was taken down and replaced on both the up and down lines between Black Lake and Lodge Road. This came just six days before a major closure of the line from Wednesbury (Parkway from 23rd to 25th March and Great Western Street from 26th March to 9th April) to Edgbaston Village which will allow the new line due to run to Dudley and eventually Brierley Hill to be connected up to the existing line from Birmingham to Wolverhampton.

No through route for 48 at Black Lake during the works with the stop boards preventing it from going any further.

And then demonstrates the use of the crossover on its return to Wolverhampton Railway Station.

Work taking place on the overhead.

Whilst the line was due to be released for service again from midday the time on the displays show that didn’t take place. Old wire seems to be on the back of the back road rail vehicle here. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 17th March 2024)

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