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Seaton Tramway

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention/Overhaul/Restoration, Stored/Withdrawn

Passenger Trams

No. Type Year Built/Rebuilt Livery Year last operated Link
2 Metropolitan Tramways style open-topper 1964 Red & White 2023 Photo
4 Blackpool style Open Boat 1961 Green & Cream 2023 Photo
6 Llandudno & Colwyn Bay style open-topper 1954 Green & White 2023 Photo
7 Llandudno & Colwyn Bay style open-topper 1958 Brown & Cream 2006 Photo
8 Llandudno & Colwyn Bay style open-topper 1968 Blue & White 2023 Photo
9 Based on design elements from Plymouth and Blackburn tramcars 2002 Two Tone Blue 2023 Photo
10 Based on design elements from Plymouth and Blackburn tramcars 2002 Orange, Green & Cream 2023 Photo
11 Based on design elements from Plymouth and Blackburn tramcars 2002 Pink 2023 Photo
12 London Feltham type tram 1966 Red & White 2023 Photo
14 Ex Metropolitan Tramways 94. Now single-deck. 1904/1984 Red & White 2023 Photo
15 Enclosed Single-Deck Saloon 1988/2016 Blue & White 2023 Photo
16 Ex Bournemouth 106. Now Single-Deck Saloon. 1921/1992 Crimson & Yellow 2023 Photo
19 Ex Exeter 19. Now Single-Deck Saloon. 1906/1998 Green & White 2023 Photo

7 is currently stored in the depot awaiting overhaul.
9 received doors on the lower deck central open section in October 2023.
15 was rebuilt in 2016 to a fully enclosed single decker having previously been an open crossbench.

Works Cars

No. Type Year Built Link
01 Shop/Ticket Office 1995 Photo
02 Freestyle Works Car 1955 Photo
03 Generator Wagon 1986
04 Hydraylic Hoist 1988 Photo
05 Drop-Side Wagon 1988

We are grateful to everyone who has provided information contained on this fleet list.

This page was last updated on Sunday 5th November 2023

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