What’s New on British Trams Online? 31st August 2022

What is this madness? A midweek update of British Trams Online! (We’ll let you decide whether its a late update from last weekend or an extra unplanned update!). There are two small Photo Galleries added – images from Seaton and the East Anglia Transport Museum.

Photos: Seaton Tramway – May & June 2022

Photos: East Anglia Transport Museum – 11th August 2022

There are also updates to the Blackpool Tramway (tram back into service), Crich Tramway Village (last operating dates), East Anglia Transport Museum (photo links), Edinburgh Trams (new advert and photo links), Fylde Transport Trust (715 status update), Manchester Metrolink (tram into service, new advert, adverts removed and photo links), Seaton Tramway (photo links) and West Midlands Metro (photo link) Fleet Lists along with the Edinburgh Trams (new advert and photo links) and Manchester Metrolink (adverts removed and new advert) Advert Lists.

Blackpool Standard 159 – the only operational tram of that class currently in the UK – remains a stalwart of the fleet at the East Anglia Transport Museum. The chances are that if you visit the Carlton Colville based museum that you will see a sight such as this – 159 sitting at the Chapel Road terminus waiting to transport you along the line and into the woods. With bunting and signage to celebrate 40 years of the Woodland Tramway extension (July 1982) the tram basks in the sunshine on 11th August 2022. (Photograph by Bryan Grint)

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