New TFI 90 Minute fare to make seamless travel across Dublin easier

Starting from Sunday 28th November it will be easier to seamlessly travel across Dublin with the introduction of a new TFI 90 minute fare which will allow passengers free transfer between Dublin Bus, Luas and most DART, commuter rail and Go-Ahead Ireland services in the city within 90 minutes of touch-in. And for a promotional period (up until the end of March 2022) it will cost adults and students just 2.30 euros for this new fare – available when using the TFI Leap card.

This new TFI 90 minute fare is just one of the new aspects of the new fares structure as a new adult short adult leap fare of 1.60 euros will also be introduced for single trips up to 3km. This will enable 40% more passengers to travel slightly further. Anyone who travels further than 3km or transfers between different transport modes will be charged the new TFL 90 minute fare instead, still giving excellent value.

There will also be a new flat child Leap fare at 80 cent which allows children to travel anywhere on Dublin city bus, Luas and commuter rail and Dart services within the Short Hop Zone with a free transfer to any mode within 90 minutes of initial touch on.

National Transport Authority Chief Executive Officer, Anne Graham, explains: “Today is a significant day as it marks the implementation of another key component of BusConnects programme in Dublin. The introduction of the new structure will incentivise a return to public transport across the TFI network. It provides an opportunity to create simplicity and consistency across the network regardless of the route or mode taken. It also means a significant saving for people who need to transfer between services.”

Eamon Ryan, Minister for Transport, added: “It is essential that we provide the incentives that make public transport a viable and attractive choice for employees, students, shoppers and visitors. The introduction of the TFI 90 Minute fare is central to achieving this objective and encouraging more people to get back on-board. In moving more people from their car to public transport we can help to achieve Ireland’s carbon reduction targets as set out in the Programme for Government. This is another great step in making the city a more liveable and easily accessible environment.”

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  1. David says:

    I wish that Stagecoach would catch on to this sort of thing instead of making passengers purchase a Day Rider in order to make two short journeys.

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