Light Rail Summit to take place in Edinburgh

UK Tram – the representative body of tram and light rail systems in the UK – and the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board are getting together to organise a high-profile Light Rail Summit in Edinburgh this September. This will see a day of top-level debate and presentations from leading sector figures followed by an evening of networking and the chance to tour the Trams to Newhaven project. The event will also see the launch of a new strategy document outlining an ambitious vision of the future.

Taking place on 23rd September at the Grosvenor Hotel at Haymarket in Edinburgh the Summit will be led by George Lowder, Chairman of UKTram and CEO of Transport for Edinburgh.

Jamie Swift, UKTram Marketing and Commercial Manager, said: “As Covid restrictions are eased, we’re delighted to be able to announce details of the summit, and urge colleagues to ‘save the date’. What promises to be a landmark event also includes updates from across the sector, a roundup of the work of UKTram and the LRSSB and, most importantly, details of a vision for the future of light rail.”

The strategy, due to be launched at the event, has been developed after an extensive consultation with experts from the light rail sector contributing to this new vision.

James Hammett, UKTram Managing Director, said: “The strategy aims to build a compelling case for future investment in light rail networks, and long-term funding for sector support, that can be put before Ministers and the Department for Transport. It clearly sets out the many economic, social and environmental benefits of all modes of light rail and the importance of integrated transport, while calling for closer collaboration on sharing best practice and research into new technologies. The development of a central resource to support the planning and construction of future systems will also be vital to removing barriers to the expansion of light rail in the UK. Clearly, the input of a broad cross-section of sector professionals has been vital to the development of the strategy, and UKTram would like to thank all those who have given time and shared their views during an extensive consultation on our initial strategy proposals.”

Members of UKTram will be able to attend the event for £99 with non-members charged £199. Details of how to book on the summit can be found at

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  1. Dingdingdave says:

    I’d be interested but to pay £99 or £199 sheets for listening to some people drone on and on, and like the scottish trams that got nowhere for years, i’d rather have my teeth pulled by a myopic dentist.

    Oh, you get an evening of networking and a look (that you can just walk too for free) of the Newhaven project. yeah right.

    Sounds like an executive pee’up to me, and us norms more than likely wont attend.
    I’m out!

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