Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Wilton Parade

On our way north on the Blackpool Tramway we go as we reach the stop at Wilton Parade.

Upon departure from Pleasant Street we continue along the segregated tramway before reaching Wilton Parade; the second and final stop located on North Promenade – a far cry from the days of the pre-upgraded tramway. Nothing much to write home about the stop here either: no shelter on the narrower southbound platform with the northbound platform retaining a shelter. Both sides also have limited information panels, stop signs and lighting columns with an overhead support pole also located on the southbound side.

This is the standard view looking north at Wilton Parade showing the tramstop with its platforms either side of the tracks.

017 arrives at Wilton Parade on 28th September with a northbound service to Fleetwood Ferry. The northbound platform is just on the left hand side and the grand looking hotel on the far side is the Imperial Hotel.

In this view – looking north – we see 015 at Wilton Parade with a service to Starr Gate. The date is 28th September and on the left we get to see a closer look at the standard shelter found on Blackpool Tramway platforms. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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