Take the Metro and go for a walk!

If you’re looking for something to do in the northeast during the brighter and warmer summer weather then you could do worse than head to the Nexus website where you can combine a trip on the Metro with a walk. With 38 Metro walks available, they are currently all being reviewed by a local group which supports widows and widowers in the northeast.

The group – known as Embark2 – have already followed five Metro walks and during their trips so far they have been making a note of any changes or amends needed to the route guides such as changes to pub or shop names and new road or path layouts.

Huw Lewis, Customer Services Director at Nexus, said: “There’s lots of different ways our customers use Metro, whether it’s for getting to work or education or to access social activities. The Metro Walks were developed a few years ago to encourage people to use the network to explore new places, knowing they will finish at a Metro station to get them home easily too. It’s great that the walks are still being used and providing ideas for wellbeing activities during the pandemic, and it’s an added bonus for us that the group are very helpfully letting us know of any changes we need to make to our website pages.”

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