Trams in Video: Blackpool Trams At Speed

In this edition of “Trams in Video” we head back to September 2010 for footage taken of trams running at speed (line speed though!) close to Bispham. Taken on 28th September 2010 trams are included from not only Blackpool but also Liverpool 762, Manchester 765, Sheffield 513 and Stockport 5.

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  1. nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    Many thanks for this pleasant bit of nostalgia from recent years, reminding us that not very long ago, trams which we now consider to be of heritage value were the mainstay of the Blackpool Tramway. Although due to necessity, owing to the need for transponders north of Norbreck and the lack of such in the vintage cars on loan, it was beneficial I feel to limit the operation of these specials (Liverpool 762, Manchester 765, etc.) so that they ran between the Pleasure Beach and Bispham. This meant that anyone wishing to catch a specific tram of interest would not have an overly long wait, in all probability.

    This was the aspect I liked about the Anniversary weekends, whereby there was always a service from Fleetwood to Starr Gate (usually Balloons) supplemented by promenade specials, most not running north of Bispham/ Little Bispham. This allowed passengers to experience a wide variety of trams in one day. I hope this kind of service can return, at least for the Anniversary, when things return near enough to normal for it to be possible.

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