In Pictures: East Anglia Transport Museum back in action

The East Anglia Transport Museum in Carlton Colville reopened to the public from Sunday 9th August and has been open every Sunday and Thursday since with the inevitable Covid-19 restrictions in place to make the experience of visitors as safe as possible. One of the opening days was Sunday 13th September and that was a day that Bryan Grint made a visit to see what was going on.

With a strict reduced capacity both for the museum site itself as well as on board vehicles plus queuing and special cleaning regimes the museum is making it welcoming to visitors whilst also taking into consideration their safety during these times. Sunday 13th September saw Blackpool Standard 159 the sole tram in service while the trolleybus circuit was served by Bournemouth 286.

Blackpool 159 stand at Chapel Road terminus. Note the cones and barriers which enable the volunteers at the museum to ensure the tram doesn’t run above capacity.

159 comes out of the woods. To the right we see the new land plus the first stretch of track laid leading to this which will eventually contain a proposed new tram depot.

Another look at 159 at Chapel Road. Bournemouth trolleybus 286 is in the background.

Bournemouth trolleybus 286 pulls away from Chapel Road. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint, 13th September 2020)

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