Changes on board Supertram

Starting from Monday 14th September there have been a few changes on board Stagecoach Supertram as they continue to see an increase in passengers travelling on the trams as more employees and students return to workplaces and education.

The most obvious and significant of these changes will be the removal of labels which have recommended that a seat is not used to give further flexibility to those boarding the trams. The current government social distancing restriction of 1 metre + (where the + signifies you should be doing something else such as wearing a mask) will be introduced on board the trams.

It is hoped that these changes will provide more flexibility and efficient use of available seats as well as reducing congestion around the doors. It will be particularly useful for family groups or passengers in the same household who will more easily be able to sit together.

These changes have been introduced ahead of the return of the Purple route as well as further sections of the Blue route opening following the conclusion of track replacement works.

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