Lockdown Walks: Edinburgh Trams 271

In this latest “Lockdown Walk” we are once again in Edinburgh for a view of one of the trams at rest.

The historic nature of Edinburgh City Centre always comes through in photos of trams running in the Scottish capital with many historic buildings still in situ allowing images of the ultra-modern and the old side-by-side with neither really looking out of place. And so it is for this latest photo.

This is 271 at York Place – the current terminus of the line, but from 2023 it won’t even be a tramstop! – with St Paul’s and St George’s Episcopal Church in the background. The single front door can be seen open here but at the time of this photo this was for the use of tram crew only with all passengers having to board at the double doors along the rest of the length of the tram. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 18th June 2020)

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