More rail replacement work coming for Supertram

Area 4 of the 2020 Supertram Rail Replacement works will get underway from Tuesday 15th September with the work this time being completed around Crystal Peaks necessitating service changes for the Blue route. The Purple route will also return to operation but on a revised timetable with the Yellow route and Tram-Train service unaffected by this work.

Starting on Tuesday 15th September the work will be between Crystal Peaks and Elcroft Gardens and is due to continue until Sunday 4th October. Dates of the work may be altered as the works progress and these will be announced if necessary.

Throughout this period Blue route trams will only be able to run from Malin Bridge to Donetsk Way with a replacement bus (BL3) running between Halfway and Donetsk Way to connect with the trams. Trams will be running every 12 minutes for most of the day with peak periods seeing a 10 minute frequency and the evening seeing a service every 20 minutes Monday to Friday. The Saturday timetable is similar although there is no peak frequency and trams are every 20 minutes until 0800.

The Purple route will be running every 30 minutes between Herdings Park and Cathedral with the Yellow route on its standard timetable. Tram-Trains will continue to run their reduced timetable of two an hour between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate.

In addition to these works, Sundays 20th and 27th September will also see essential trackbed works taking place between Cathedral and Hillsborough. This will mean no trams will run beyond Cathedral on either day with Cathedral becoming the terminus for trams on the Blue, Yellow, Purple and Tram-Train services! The crossover at Cathedral looks like having a couple of busy days!

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