Picture in Time: Luas 3017

The next batch of modern tram “Picture in Time” images come from Dublin and the Luas system.

This photo shows 3017 at Connolly in 2005, around a year after the first sections of the network had opened. Connolly is on the Red line and was part of the original line opening in 2004; at this time trams ran there from Tallaght but four years later a further extension of the Red line followed to The Point which is a separate to the branch to Connolly.

3017 is one of the Alstom Citadis 301 trams built in 2003-4 for the opening of Luas, now formed of five sections, but at the time of this photo only a three section tram. It is awaiting at the stop with its destination screen stating “Not In Service”.

Photograph by Steve Kemp

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