More Boat running in San Francisco for 2019

Since arriving in San Francisco the two Blackpool Boat cars have proven to be very popular when they have operated and now in 2019 – incredibly some 35 years since 228 arrived in the city – it is planned that there will be regular operation of 228 each week through the main summer season.

228 was in fact the second Boat Car in San Francisco following on from 226 which ran in 1983-4 and has remained present ever since its first arrival in 1985. Converted to single end operation with a wheelchair lift installed, 228’s use in recent years has been a bit more sporadic but due to its enduring popularity this will change this year. It is planned that 228 will be used on the E-line throughout the summer on selected days – subject to availability. So if you happen to be taking the trip over to San Francisco this summer you might be able to get some Boat action a long way from home!

As for the other Boat Car in San Francisco – 233, the former 605 latterly owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust before being acquired for the heritage operation in San Francisco – this remains out of service receiving attention in the workshops and is not going to be joining its sister in operation this year.

The two historic streetcar lines in San Francisco – E and F lines – will be operating throughout the year as well with many other vintage trolleys in service from across the world. You can even take a peek as to what is operating now by visiting this website. You can also find out all about the Market Street Railway on their website.

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