DLR services disrupted after “Extinction Rebellion” protestors climb onto train

It possibly hadn’t escaped your notice that this week a group of activists – known as Extinction Rebellion – have been causing transport chaos in London as they protest against climate change warning the government acts “now on the climate and ecological emergency”. Rather than just targeting standard traffic – which they have done by blocking various bridges – they have also targeted public transport; something which you may consider counterintuitive as surely they would be encouraging people to use public transport? Included in this was the Docklands Light Railway.

Three activists targeted the DLR at Canary Wharf on Wednesday 17th April with two climbing onto the roof of a tram whilst another glued himself to the side of the same train. This caused delays to DLR services through Canary Wharf whilst the Police dealt with the incident.

A large number of arrests have been made over the past few days in connection with the protests, which are still ongoing at the time of writing although no longer directly affecting the DLR.

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3 Responses to DLR services disrupted after “Extinction Rebellion” protestors climb onto train

  1. tram man says:

    Where do you start on this one.Its like what happened in Manchester the other Friday when the school kids were protesting and blocked the tracks at St.Peters square.It just goes to show that they haven’t got a clue what they are even protesting about.Fancy blocking one of the most greenest forms of public transport.

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    In the early 1970s, the Kabouters in Amsterdam staged a protest against air pollution from motor vehicles, but let trams through their blockade, applauding them as they did.

  3. Nigel Pennick says:

    Additionally about the self-styled rebellion, it’s interesting that the sign they use is that of the United States Army 7th infantry!

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