In Pictures: Heritage Trams in action on Blackpool Prom

If you head to Blackpool at the weekend during 2019 you will be able to see heritage trams in action with each and every week due to see at least two trams in service. One such standard operation was on Saturday 13th April when three different trams operated on the Prom – including both operational Boat Cars. Graham Gough was in town to capture the below images.

Boat 227 is seen here at North Pier/Tower with the destination blind already changed for a return trip to Pleasure Beach.

Another view of 227 at North Pier/Tower with the tram waiting at the southbound stop.

The second Boat in action was 600 and the tram is seen here heading through the stop at South Pier whilst the destination blinds are changed for its next northbound trip.

The afternoon saw another red and white tram enter service in the form of Balloon 701. We see it here at Waterloo Road.

We see 600 again in this view at Foxhall Square. With another healthy load of passengers the tram is off to Pleasure Beach.

Down at the depot and Balloon 723 was being shunted. This shot shows the tram standing on Hopton Road.

A general view of Rigby Road Depot with 717, 642, 648, 715 and 718 all visible.

Before it had entered service 701 was also seen being shunted around the depot. (All Photographs by Graham Gough, 13th April 2019)

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