Picture in Time: Blackpool Balloons 709, 708 & Coronation 644

Heading back to Blackpool for this edition of Picture in Time with an image taken in the late 1960s.

The year is in fact 1969, 15th October to be precise, and this image is at Fleetwood Ferry showing three trams waiting to return south to Blackpool. At the head is Balloon 709 with fellow classmate 708 just behind. Both double deckers feature between deck adverts for Empire Pools and as was the norm at this time both have trolley poles. 709 still has twin destination screens but by this time 708 had received the single indicator aperture (way back in 1956), for 709 it was to be 1980 before it was to be treated to this modification.

The scene is completed by Coronation 644 which is just taking the second line at Fleetwood Ferry having just terminated with a service as shown by its destination blind not yet having been altered. 644 would only have 12 months left in service with it being withdrawn – still with VAMBAC equipment – in October 1970.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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One Response to Picture in Time: Blackpool Balloons 709, 708 & Coronation 644

  1. PeterWhiteley says:

    The balloon behind is not 708 as it has a trolley arch, must be from the totally enclosed from new series.