In Pictures: Hogmanay changes for Edinburgh Trams

As has become the norm Hogmanay in Edinburgh City Centre means that tram services are suspended between West End Princes Street and York Place to allow for the celebrations to take place. 2017 leading into 2018 was no different with all trams from the Airport terminating at West End from 1800 on Saturday 30th December until 0930 on Monday 1st January. Roy Calderwood was on hand to show us some of the sights at West End Princes Street on New Year’s Eve.

272 after arrival at West End from the Airport. The destination is still shown as York Place but the board in the windscreen indicates Part Route. Barriers, cones and sandbags block the way forward.

The passenger information display lets the public know all about the service being operated.

The rear of 272 is seen as it departs from West End Princes Street using the crossover to regain the correct track.

Looking east towards West End Princes Street stop as 270 departs starting its journey to the Airport. The main road here is Shandwick Place with the offices and flats to the right being Atholl Crescent. The former St George’s West (now Charlotte Chapel) Church tower can be seen on the left with the Fraser’s department store closing the view at the end of Shandwick Place.

And 270 again as it continues its journey along Shandwick Place towards Haymarket. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 31st December 2017)

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