Where are they now? Bradford tram in Lancashire

As is well known when many of the UK’s original tram systems closed they sold off their redundant trams for further use with many ending up as holiday homes and sheds. One of these is believed to be a 1902 Bradford tram which ended up at Sunderland Point in Lancashire – and it is still there today as a recent film by Lune Tube has shown.

It is thought that the tram was once a Bradford double decker – although there seems to be some debate about that with some suggesting it may be from Burnley – and was sold for use as a holiday home. It wasn’t to remain as a holiday home at the caravan park in Middleton indefinitely though and when it became surplus to requirements again it was acquired by a neighbouring farmer and that is where it can be found today, looking a little worse for wear.

Lune Tube – an online video channel for North Lancashire – have recently visited the tram, with permission from the farmer, and have published a video of the tram as it is today at http://lunetube.co.uk/2018/01/04/tram/.

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  1. IanMT says:

    The Lancaster Guardian published a photo of this tram in October 2016, inviting comments. It was suggested that it was a Bolton single-deck tram. See https://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/lifestyle/nostalgia/lancaster-nostalgia-great-response-to-tramcar-mystery-1-8177912