In Pictures: Croydon Town Centre blockade

To bring us up-to-date with the Easter Croydon Town Centre blockade we bring you a final photo update from Ian Buck. Once the works along Addiscombe Road was completed trams were able to return to East Croydon although the town centre loop remained closed which meant trams were only able to run from Wimbledon to Reeves Corner and Beckenham Junction/Elmers End/New Addington to East Croydon. All work was completed on schedule and normal services resumed across the whole network from 14th April.

2544 reversing and 2540 spare at Dinfwall Road on 7th April.

The points are thrown at Dingwall Road on 7th April.

2544, 2537 and 2533 occupy all platforms at East Croydon on 7th April. (Photos x3 by Ian Buck)

2540 and 2547 at Dingwall Road on 8th April.

End of the line at Dinwall Road with 2540 on 8th April. (Photos x2 by David Buck)

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