Edinburgh Trams Inquiry to take two years

It has recently transpired that the “quick and efficient” inquiry into the construction of Edinburgh Trams is set to take up to two years to complete leading to yet more debate and anger in the Scottish capital over the project. The inquiry – led by Lord Hardie – is currently collating and assessing evidence and it is not expected that they will start to take evidence from witnesses until this autumn at the earliest. The fact that the findings from the inquiry will not be revealed for some time yet has been described as convenient as it means that the forthcoming elections in May will go-ahead without anyone knowing whether any politicians going for office are to blame.

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1 Response to Edinburgh Trams Inquiry to take two years

  1. Johnny says:

    The results of the inquiry would never have been known before the election as we’ve been in Election Purdah since 30th March!

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