In Pictures: Stagecoach Supertram rail replacement works continue

The rail replacement project on Stagecoach Supertram is continuing with the latest worksite being on the inbound curve at Wood Street. The outbound track at the same location was completed last weekend with other recent work being seen on the outbound track at Bamforth Street. Work will be ongoing in area 5 (Infirmary Road to Hillsborough Corner) until 8th May with replacement buses running on the Yellow route beyond Cathedral and the Blue route beyond Shalesmoor. Stuart Cooke provides the images.

On Easter Sunday in addition to the ongoing rail replacement works the chance was taken for some overhead line maintenance at Castle Square.

As a result of the overhead work in the city centre the Blue and Yellow routes were combined to form a Meadowhall to Halfway service. This is 111 at Sheffield Station.

New shelters have been installed at Shalesmoor. Seen here on 6th April.

On 7th April we see rail replacement works at Capel Street on the inbound track (the outbound track had already been replaced).

Just before the Bamforth Street stop is Cuthbert Bank and on 15th April the track here was being replaced outbound.

The latest rail replacement work has been at Wood Street with attention on 22nd April being on the inbound curve (the outbound line has already seen attention). (All Photos by Stuart Cooke)

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