In Pictures: Metrolink T68 1004 gets ready for departure

The next Manchester Metrolink T68 to head to Rotherham for scrapping will be 1004 with the vehicle now loaded upon an Allelys low loader at Trafford Depot awaiting departure. It is expected that the LRV – which will become the fourth to go to South Yorkshire for scrapping – will depart Manchester either late on Sunday or early on Monday as Booths are unable to accept the delivery until Monday. For the time being it is on the back of a low loader within the depot confines as these photos provided by Steve Kemp show.

1004 waits on the back of a low loader for departure from Manchester for one last time. (All Photos: Steve Kemp)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: Metrolink T68 1004 gets ready for departure

  1. Paul D says:

    from what I’ve been told, it actually left Friday PM. There have been a couple of sightings claimed of it on the roads…

  2. tram man says:

    It was intended for 1004 to be picked up on Monday,but Allelys low loader was free in the area and arranged to pick it up on Friday,only to find out that Booths couldn’t accept it till Monday.The original plan was to take one a week,but its turned out to be when and where Allelys low loader is available.1008 is the next T68 lined up ready for scrapping.Theres a great picture of 1001 at booths converted to a open topper on the metrolink blog site.

  3. Nathan H says:

    Poor 1004, it doesn’t look terribly dignified at the moment, does it?
    I surprised the vandals got in, I would presume security at Trafford would be very tight considering the possibility of metal thieves.

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