In Pictures: Latest M5000s around Manchester

The latest M5000 to enter service has been 3080 which joined the non-ATS and VRS equipped pool of trams for use (mainly) on the Eccles and MediaCityUK services. Meanwhile one of the latest vehicles to be delivered to Manchester, 3081, remains at Trafford Depot being prepared for entry into service but is now out of the workshops and in the yard suggesting that entry into service can’t be far off.

The latest M5000 to enter service was 3080 which is seen here running to Eccles on 25th April at Cornbrook.

Likely to be the next LRV to carry passengers in Manchester is 3081 which has now moved out of the workshops at Trafford Depot. (Both Photos: Steve Kemp)

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5 Responses to In Pictures: Latest M5000s around Manchester

  1. Steve Kemp says:

    Last vehicle delivered was 3082 which is still at Queens Road next should be 3083 on 10/5/2014

  2. tram man says:

    My source at metrolink tells me 3081 was to go out in service on Friday,but developed a track brake fault.That has been repaired and will be available for service this weekend.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi James, you’re probably correct. As I say it was only a fleeting glance. I was at the traffic lights and it was waiting on the opposite platform to me. It was probably 3080 I saw. Sorry for confusion.

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