NET Citadis trams to start daytime testing

Next week should see a major step towards the introduction of the new Alstom Citadis trams into service on Nottingham Express Transit with the expected start of daytime testing of the trams. The first of the 22 strong class of trams has now completed their overnight tests and will be able to move on to daytime testing and will provide the first chance for many tram passengers to catch a close-up look at the vehicles.

Each tram has to run 1,000km before it can enter service and these daytime tests will enable more vehicles to reach this target. So far it is known that at least 216 has already run 1,000km and with an increase in testing and driver training further trams will reach the target. 13 Citadis trams have arrived in Nottingham so far with the remaining nine expected over the coming months with the 22nd and final vehicle due in its new home in the early autumn.

Paul Robinson, NET General Manager, said: “The first stage of testing has run very smoothly and we’re now preparing to move on to trials during normal daylight conditions for the first time. People could start seeing the new trams on the streets from next week onwards. The trams are being put through their paces in preparation for later this year, when they’ll start running alongside our existing fleet to enhance service frequencies. As well as helping us to increase service frequency on Line One, the Citadis trams will also give customers a taste of what to expect once we extend services to Chilwell and Clifton when NET Phase Two is completed.”

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