More Metrocars scrapped

The wait for the new Stadler bult trains to enter service on the Tyne and Wear Metro may be continuing (although we have at least seen daylight testing get underway) but that has not stopped more of the original Metrocars head away from Gosforth Depot to be scrapped. Since we last reported on scrappings a further three have now gone.

The latest scrappings have taken place in late May. In all cases the units were transferred by rail from Gosforth to Howdon before they picked up from there and moved to Shildon where they were quickly scrapped.

The first unit to go was 4088 (21st May 2024), followed by 4070 (22nd May 2024) and then 4077 (28th May 2024). All three had been stored for around a year since they last operated in service.

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