Manchester Metrolink Fleet Update

The latest M5000 for Manchester Metrolink has been delivered to Queens Road Depot, completing the initial order of 12 M5000s to replace the first dozen T68s (which have, of course, already been taken out of service). 3074 arrived in Manchester during the early afternoon of Saturday 12th October.

Meanwhile a number of other M5000s have now entered service on the network with 3058, 3059, 3061, 3063, 3064, 3065 and 3066 all now available for use. However they have not fitted with the ATS and VRS equipment as fitted with the other operable trams in Manchester and so are restricted to use on routes fitted with the TMS equipment. They can mainly be found operating on the Eccles and MediaCityUK route.

The introduction of these seven M5000s looks likely to another nail in the coffin of the T68/T68A fleet as not all of the remaining examples are required for service on a daily basis with just six Eccles diagrams and two Bury-Altrincham direct diagrams allocated each day for the older vehicles. It is also worth noting that they are not normally used on the double sets on the Bury-Altrincham service unless there is a shortage of available M5000s.

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4 Responses to Manchester Metrolink Fleet Update

  1. nigel says:

    1003/1022 noted as a twin set last week on Bury line, as you say assume shortage of m series. there was also another t series on single on Bury , think it was 1017, lets see what this week brings .

  2. Mike Norris says:

    And when Cornbrook fails again for the umpteenth time again,
    ie as in tonight, what use are these trams in being re-allocated
    for service away from the Eccles line when that has gone down ?
    The controllers cannot see the problems these units are causing
    and the general public don’t know one tram from another – result
    huge outbursts of hostility to all and any M/link staff about.
    Bad- very bad

  3. roger woodhead says:

    Refresh my memory please. Am I correct in saying that 3074 is the last of the 52 seaters and that 3075 onwards are to be 60 seaters?