Little change in Tyne and Wear Metro performance

Ever since we started these little updates on the Tyne and Wear Metro – taken from posters put up at stations on the network – there has usually been a fair amount of change either in comparison to the previous four weeks or the same period 12 months ago. But this time there is a minimal change when compared to the last period – and it’s a positive change too!

This poster covers the period 22nd August to 18th September and during those four weeks 88% of all trains were reported as running on time (3 minutes later or 30 seconds earlier than timetabled). This was a small 1% increase from the previous four weeks when a 87% figure was quoted.

If you then compare that with the same time in 2020 and there is no change as that too was at 88%.

The posters also remain the revised COVID format with no information given of any issues with that space used instead by reminding passengers of guidelines and what Nexus are doing to make journeys as safe as they can.

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