Around the World in Trams: Innsbruck 304

We have a quick visit to Innsbruck in Austria for this edition of “Around the World in Trams”.

Electric trams first started to run in Innsbruck in 1905 and the network today consists of six routes totalling 27 miles. It is a 1 metre gauge and now mainly features a fleet of Bombardier Flexity Outlook trams to operate the service which were introduced in 2007-9 and 2018-20. There is a also a fleet of museum cars which operate on special occasions.

In this photo we see one of the 2008 built Flexity Outlook trams, no. 304. This tram was built in 2008 by Bombardier and is in the standard Innsbruck livery of red as it heads out on route 1. The date is 9th June 2015.

Photograph by Derek Horton

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