Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Gynn Square

Another edition of “Stop by Stop” on the Blackpool Tramway with our northbound trip now arriving at Gynn Square.

Our tram departs from Wilton Parade and will soon be on the approach to Gynn Square, with the stop the first located along Queens Promenade. Before we get to the stop we have to cross an access road to the lower Promenade walks and pass the substation on the left with this section involving a slight curve in the tracks. We then arrive at the stop which is located adjacent to Jubilee Gardens and the Emergency Services memorial on the sea side of the tracks (Gynn Square roundabout is on the right just before the stop, often the home of something special for the illuminations which in recent years has included the illuminated Rocket tram and more recently a Spitfire – of course, until the abandonment of the North Station route there used to be a junction here to allow trams to run up Dickson Road, now long forgotten). With platforms either side of the tracks again both sides have shelters and apart from that it’s a pretty standard layout with everything you have come to expect from a Blackpool Tramway stop!

This is Gynn Square tramstop with this view looking north – the southbound stop being closer to the camera.

With the Emergency Services Memorial on the immediate left this view shows 015 arriving at the northbound platform with a Fleetwood Ferry service on 24th September 2020.

28th September 2020 and 009 pulls away from the southbound platform at Gynn Square on its way to Starr Gate. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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