In Pictures: Covid-19 changes on the Tyne and Wear Metro

As people get ready for further easing of restrictions and start to travel more often, transport operators in the UK have been seeking to reassure them about how safe it is to travel on board their services. As with the period of more relaxed restrictions in 2020 there is enhanced cleaning on board vehicles and at stops/stations along with the compulsory wearing of masks on board (unless exempt). Another common change has been the closure of certain sections of the vehicles, usually those seats immediately adjacent to the driver’s cab. We saw this change on systems such as Blackpool, Edinburgh and Nottingham last year and a similar closure has also been introduced on the Tyne and Wear Metro.

On board 4024 where the seats alongside the interior cab entrance door have been cordoned off with these sturdy looking gates put into place. In most cases it seems that the trains have been marshalled so that the “A” end is at the driving end and it is that end that this change has been made. The “B” end is at the inner end of both units of a double unit. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 26th March 2021)

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