Double trams removed from Metrolink Airport line after antisocial behaviour

All double trams have been temporarily removed from the Metrolink line out to the Airport after a spate of antisocial behaviour which were mainly targeting the rear cab of double trams from the platforms. Greater Manchester Police’s Transport Unit and now working with the KeolisAmey Metrolink and the TfGM to identify those involved while also increasing patrols.

19 incidents were reported during the week of Monday 28 December at various different locations on the Airport line, mainly on weekday outbound services between 1500 and 2100. They mainly targeted the rear cab of double units from the platforms hence the reason for withdrawing double trams from the line (they have instead been redeployed elsewhere).

Danny Vaughan, TfGM Head of Metrolink, said: “With coronavirus cases rising at such a rate its vital to reiterate that, in order to protect the NHS and save lives, you must not leave your home except for legally permitted reasons. Given the severity of the current situation, it’s very frustrating to see a small group of youths congregating, causing antisocial behaviour and totally disregarding the lockdown rules. Those involved are aged about 12 to 15 and I would ask parents or guardians to make sure they know where their children are and what they may be up to. For those that do need to travel, I’d like to reassure them that Metrolink remains a safe way to do so and this type of behaviour will not be tolerated, which is why we have taken immediate action to prevent further incidents and identify those responsible.  I’d also like to reassure them that current passenger levels mean the removal of doubles should not impact services or the ability to social distance, although we will continue to monitor services closely and make changes where necessary.”

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