Tram and light rail related face masks

Its become one of the most sought after accessories (and a necessity if you’re going anywhere) – the face mask to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Many companies have launched special ranges of face masks (far be from us to be cynical enough to suggest they are seeking to cash in on the pandemic), with many different patterns adorning them.

While it appears there are no “official” tram or light rail themed face masks on the market there have been some unofficial ones produced including the below image of a Tyne and Wear Metro version.

Are there any more official or unofficial tram or light rail masks out there? If so please let us know through the usual channels!

**We’ve been pointed towards this website which has plenty of tram related masks if you are interested! **

With a Christmas theme let us hope that this mask won’t get another airing as by next year maybe masks won’t be required! It may not be a triple layered mask to help you prevent the spread of Covid-19 but at least its got a Metro on it! (Photograph by Trevor Hall)

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