NET offer free passes to local homeless charity outreach workers

Nottingham Express Transit has renewed a community partnership with a local charity that’s supporting the city’s homeless as the pandemic continues to put additional pressure on the most vulnerable. New travel passes are being offered to Framework’s street outreach team, renewing a partnership which goes back to 2018.

The passes allow the outreach workers to get out and about in the city to engage with the homeless while also allowing them to cut their costs and work more efficiently.

Samantha Lanes, Nottingham Street Outreach Team Leader, said: “The passes are an important part of our work and most staff use them daily. There are 14 people in the Nottingham team, so the passes get well used! They allow us to reach places where rough sleepers are found more easily and efficiently… In particular they allow us to access areas outside the city centre such as Clifton and Bulwell.”

Chris Williams from NET added: “The pandemic has only increased the difficulties for our most vulnerable citizens but it hasn’t stopped NET, wherever possible, engaging and supporting the communities it serves. We want to continue to do all we can to help Framework in their ‘Homeless to Home’ challenge, striving to empower people to overcome issues of homelessness, addiction, mental ill-health and unemployment.”

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